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Our Advanced Technology

Technology Improves The Patient Experience And Provides A Higher Standard Of Care.
Our Featured Technology

Advanced Dental Technologies for Exceptional Results

Dr. Jin Kim has invested in advanced dental equipment and technologies to ensure we can provide patients with a high level of care and deliver exceptional results. Whether you are coming in for an oral evaluation or need dental implants, we use innovative equipment and dental technologies to provide a wide range of treatments.

Digital x-rays help us capture high quality images of your teeth and jaw within minutes. Digital x-rays produce less exposure to radiation than traditional x-rays and can be viewed on a computer monitor. Dr. Kim can zoom-in on areas of concern to get a closer look and easily show you the areas that may need treatment.

We use T-Scan technology to diagnose bite problems digitally. The T-Scan system makes it very easy for us to detect your bite issues and make precise adjustments. An unstable bite can cause pain, broken tooth restorations, gum disease and TMJ disorder.

We use the Oral ID system for oral cancer screenings at our practice. Oral cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in the United States and can also be one of the most deadly forms of cancer if it is not detected early. Oral ID makes use of fluorescence technology to detect abnormal oral tissue in its earliest stages. You will need to use a special mouth rinse in our office before exposing the area to a fluorescent light to detect cancerous and abnormal tissue.

We use 3D dental planning software to create a virtual treatment plan when placing dental implants or performing other procedures. These software systems can help us identify anatomical structures and make it easier to communicate to you exactly what we will do during the procedure.