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Laser Gum Therapy

If you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease, it’s important to receive effective and prompt treatment. This early treatment is essential for preserving your oral health and reducing the risks of other health issues. Research shows a link between advanced periodontal disease and heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

Signs and symptoms to be aware of include bleeding or inflamed gums, bad breath, loose teeth, and a receding gum line.

Laser dentistry procedures are an option for stopping infection and restoring oral health in patients who are diagnosed with moderate to severe gum disease. Dr. Kim has experience with LANAP® laser gum surgery and may recommend this treatment option.

How LANAP Works

The LANAP protocol is an FDA-cleared laser treatment for gum disease that has been proven to be very effective. The acronym stands for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure.

The laser destroys bacteria that leads to infection and inflammation in the gums and melts away diseased tissue. It also encourages the formation of a clot that seals the area to prevent further infection.

LANAP laser gum surgery also promotes gum regeneration, new bone growth, and reattachment of the gum tissue by creating the best conditions possible for your body to heal.

This successful treatment protects your gums from further damage due to gum disease.

Benefits of the LANAP Protocol

If you have periodontal disease, LANAP laser gum surgery is one option for effective treatment. It is ideal for many patients with moderate to severe gum disease because it is an alternative to traditional gum surgery.

Faster Recovery

The LANAP protocol uses laser technology instead of scalpels and sutures. This less invasive procedure means that patients experience less bleeding and pain post-procedure and have a faster healing time. Most patients do not need prescription pain medication to deal with any discomfort after their treatment.

Less Downtime

Traditional surgical treatments for periodontal disease often have recovery times of one to two weeks. However, with LANAP laser gum surgery, most patients can return to their regular activities shortly after the procedure.

The LANAP Procedure

Dr. Kim gently places the fiber-optic laser tip at the top of the pockets of diseased gum in your mouth. By moving the laser tip around these areas, he removes the diseased tissue. The laser is also designed to remove the bacteria that causes gum disease from these pockets. It leaves healthy tissue unharmed.

Next, Dr. Kim uses ultrasonic cleaners to remove the hard buildup of tartar from inside the pockets. The instrument’s sound waves vibrate and break apart the hard deposits.

He uses the laser one last time to remove any remaining diseased tissue or bacteria from the bottom of the pocket. This final pass of the laser also sterilizes the tissue and bone and creates the blood clot that will help your gums reattach to the surface of your teeth.

Contact Dr. Kim about the LANAP Protocol

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