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Renew Your Smile With Biocompatible Dental Implants!

renew your smile diamond bar caLosing a tooth can set you back, both in your appearance and your oral health. If you have been struggling with tooth loss, or if your smile is starting to fail, take the time to meet with a trusted local dental professional to learn about your options to renew your smile with prosthodontic repair. This specialized field within dentistry focuses on the replacement of missing teeth with beautiful and functional prosthetics, and one option is quickly becoming the industry leader in smile improvement.

At our dental clinics in Diamond Bar and Garden Grove, CA, we can help you to find a path forward after tooth loss. With a biocompatible dental implant solution, you can have a repair for your smile that you can trust, all made possible through advanced scientific techniques. Dental implants use a sturdy titanium post to serve as the foundation for your prosthodontic repair, working alongside your body to give you a lasting tooth replacement that can handle even the toughest foods. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation for a new biocompatible dental implant!

How Dental Implant Technology Is Changing The Prosthodontic Game

In the past, replacement teeth relied upon one of two methods to keep them secure. Either they connected to existing teeth, like with dental bridges, or they were held in place through an adhesive or clasp. Dental implants have made a huge leap forward for prosthodontic repair, as this method connects directly to your jaw’s bone tissue.

This is possible through a scientific mechanism known as osseointegration, which is also used in replacement limb technology. By using titanium as the foundation for your repair, your body actually accepts the implant post as if it were part of your own natural material. As you heal around this implant post, it gives you a stronger connection than with other prosthodontic options, helping you to have a replacement that you can trust.

Renew Your Smile With A Full Replacement Through All-On-4 Implant Technology

Dental implants are a fantastic option for the replacement of single teeth, but for some, a whole mouth solution is necessary. In these situations, All-On-4 could be the answer. This method uses a set number of dental implant posts to mount a full prosthetic. Typically, these use four posts per jaw, which is where it derives its name. All-On-4 is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of prosthodontic replacement and for good reason.

Renew Your Smile With Dental Implants From Dr. Kim!

If you have lost a tooth, or if you need a full mouth of replacement teeth, talk to our team about how dental implants can help. To find out more or to schedule your consultation, give us a call at our Garden Grove, CA dental office at (714) 898-8757!