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Implant Dentistry And Your Smile Improvement Plans

senior man with nice smile implant dentistry concept What can prosthetic dentistry really offer to someone who has experienced tooth loss? Will you be able to regain confidence in the way you look? Can you count on your restoration to support your bite health? These and other concerns can make people pessimistic about their chances for smile recovery whether they are missing one tooth or several. Fortunately, by learning more about implant dentistry, you can find that an effective solution is available. You can speak to our Garden Grove, CA dental practice about the role implant dentistry can play in helping you regain your smile, bite function, and even your well-being.

The Toll Of Tooth Loss Can Be Hard To Ignore

Hiding your smile after tooth loss can be embarrassing and frustrating. However, even if you are able to keep a gap out of view, there are other issues that you will have to address. One is the effect that your problem has on your ability to bite and chew with comfort. The inability to evenly apply pressure can put remaining teeth through more work while also taxing your jaw joints and facial muscles. Another worry is that you will have a more difficult time preserving teeth that surround your gap, as they have less support.

Planning The Placement And Restoration Of Your Implant

Implant dentistry makes significant improvements to your smile and oral health after tooth loss possible by addressing issues that revolve around the loss of teeth roots. The roots may not be visible, but they play key roles in preserving your well-being. In addition to helping stabilize neighboring teeth and offering bite stability, they stimulate the jawbone, which helps with nutrient flow. These are tasks that your implant (or implants) can take on for you. Because they can be restored with attractive and durable restorations, this arrangement can lead to welcome long-term improvements.

Using All-On-4 Implant Treatment To Hold A Denture

Some patients need to do something about the full loss of their upper and/or lower teeth. In these cases, we can use the all-on-4 dental implant treatment. A select number of implants are put in place; care is taken to find the right locations and angles to provide the ideal support. Once they are in position and healed, a custom denture can be affixed to them. Because these implants are smaller than the traditional kind, this is a service that is easier to perform for people who already have less jawbone density.

Reach Out To Our Garden Grove, CA Dental Office To Discuss Implant Dentistry

Through implant dentistry, we can help patients regain confidence in their oral health, appearance, and bite function. This solution to tooth loss provides permanent stability for lifelike restorations, and it also helps avoid difficulties like jawbone resorption. To learn how we can address one missing tooth or many with this approach, call our Garden Grove, CA dental office at (714) 898-8757.