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Restoring Your Oral Health With Gum Grafting

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As periodontal disease progresses, it can wreak havoc on your smile. An active gum infection can cause bleeding, soreness, chronic bad breath and even loose teeth. As your body’s inflammatory response destroys the connective tissue of your gums and jawbone, the gum line itself can begin to recess. By performing a gum graft, we can help you restore your oral health by replacing lost soft tissue to return your gum line.

At your Garden Grove, CA, periodontal practice, we provide a variety of specialized treatments to help address all aspects of gum disease. From osseous surgery to dental implants, to gum grafting, we help you control your infection and preserve the health of your smile. A grafting procedure can help you regain your confidence after battling this troublesome disease!

Determining If You Need A Gum Graft Treatment

When you visit our practice to treat your periodontal disease, we will perform a thorough evaluation of your teeth and gums. If gum recession causes your roots to expose, tooth sensitivity, inflammation, or dark indentations around the gum line, we may suggest a grafting procedure to restore soft tissue. During the appointment, we will discuss all surgical options to repair your smile and help educate you on the different types of grafting that apply to your situation.

An Overview Of Our Different Grafting Procedures

We perform three different types of gum grafts to help you restore your gum line. A connective tissue graft involves cutting a flap of tissue from your palate and taking a donor sample to use during your procedure. This is the most common grafting method we use at our Garden Grove office. We also perform free gingival grafts at our clinic. This procedure is similar to connective tissue grafts in that it uses your tissue from the palate. However, a free gingival graft uses both the center connective and outer layer of the palate.

For patients who have enough tissue near their recessed gum line, we can perform a pedicle graft. This treatment foregoes the need to remove palate donor tissue and cuts a flap nearby to suture into the recessed area.

Performing Your Graft

Before beginning your gum graft, we will apply general anesthesia or local anesthesia to ensure your comfort throughout treatment. We then prepare the harvest site before attaching tissue to the area of recession. We complete the surgery by repositioning your gums and placing sutures.

Talk To Your Garden Grove, CA Periodontist About Treatments For Your Periodontal Disease

By speaking with periodontal specialists, you can learn how to recover from your gum disease. To find out more about this treatment and its benefit for patients suffering from periodontal disease, call our Garden Grove, CA periodontal treatment office at (714) 898-8757.