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Pocket Reduction Surgery To Protect Your Smile

happy senior woman full smileHow serious is periodontal disease? When left unchecked, an infection will do serious harm that leads to problems like tooth loss. Over time, the tissue damage caused by periodontal disease will create pockets between your tooth structure and gums. As damage grows more serious to the bone, teeth lose support, and eventually the lack of stability makes extractions necessary. Our Garden Grove, CA periodontal practice is prepared to address this concern. Osseous surgery is performed to reduce those periodontal pockets where bacteria flourish and worsening tissue damage takes place. In addition to removing bacteria in the pocket, damaged bone itself can be treated to facilitate better healing.

Tissue Damage From Gum Disease Can Lead To Tooth Loss

Bacteria that gather at the bases of your teeth make you vulnerable to the onset of gingivitis. This occurs when unhealthy microbes make their way under the gums and begin spreading on the roots of teeth. While the problem is initially one that can be reversed through scaling and root planing, a more involved treatment becomes necessary as the infection spreads.

One consequence to not treating this problem in time is that pockets between the gums and teeth will form with tartar deposits building in these spaces. To prevent tooth loss, close the periodontal pocket, and halt further damage, osseous surgery can be performed.

How Osseous Surgery Responds To Problems With Advanced Periodontal Disease

Periodontal pocket treatment calls for osseous surgery. Also known as flap surgery, the treatment will access the space by creating a flap of gum tissue that gives us access to the infection site. Once accessed, the infection can be treated, and additional work to reshape and treat the bone will aid in your healing. This kind of intervention is important for stopping your infection from having more consequences, like tooth loss, affect you.

More Treatment Options For Those With Poor Gum Health

Dedicated periodontal care helps those with infection issues protect themselves against potentially serious consequences. We respond to different effects that this disease can have, like gum tissue recession and tooth loss. We can actually improve your experience with these treatments through our use of advanced technology, including laser tools that can make periodontal treatments and the movement of recessed tissues more conservative.

Talk To Your Garden Grove, CA Periodontist About Pocket Reduction Surgery

By tending to your periodontal pockets and treating unhealthy bone structures, osseous surgery can protect you against the serious consequences of poor gum health! We provide this and other services to help our patients who are struggling with infection issues. To learn more about pocket reduction surgery and its benefit for patients suffering from gum disease, call our Garden Grove, CA periodontal treatment office at (714) 898-8757.