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Beginning Your Periodontal Treatment Journey

woman at periodontal officeFor those who have a history of periodontal problems, as well as those who have not kept up with their routine dental appointments over an extended length of time, gum disease can become a significant issue. Gingivitis is just the first stage of an infection. When problems persist and bacteria keep spreading on the roots of teeth, you can develop a more severe condition. At this point, a specialist’s help can be vital to managing the problem and preventing serious consequences like tooth loss and general health complications. Our periodontal practice maintains offices in Garden Grove and Diamond Bar, CA where we provide dedicated services to those impacted by gum disease. At your appointment, we can discuss our first steps in taking care of you, and we can look at how the matter can be effectively managed in the long term.

Poor Periodontal Health Can Take A Significant Toll On Your Health

As you learn about the impact gum disease can have on your smile and general health, you can become understandably worried. After all, the tissue damage that occurs as a result of the infection is the leading reason why adults lose their teeth. There are also concerns about bacteria under your gums entering your bloodstream and causing inflammation and other concerns elsewhere in the body.

From our initial review through our discussion of treatment goals, you will benefit from the advanced technology in our office as well as the considerable experience of Dr. Kim in managing serious periodontal health threats. Our support includes work to restore your incomplete smile if tooth loss has already occurred.

We Can Support Patients Struggling With Advanced Gum Disease

We provide many advanced services for our patients, including treatments to restore areas where tissues have recessed or show serious signs of infection. To make services more comfortable, our options for care include laser gum therapy to more conservatively remove bacteria and infected tissues to encourage healthy growth. We also provide surgical techniques that treat the harm to gums and bone tissues so that you can see meaningful improvements.

Periodontal Services That Restore Your Appearance

Through treatments like gum grafting and work with dental implants to restore your full smile, our approach to periodontal care can improve how you look as well as your overall health. Implant dentistry helps you gain back more than just your incomplete smile, as the implants themselves offer stability for restorations that let you bite, chew, and speak with more comfort!

Talk To Your Garden Grove, CA Dental Office About Beginning Periodontal Treatment

To protect your gums, your smile, and your overall health, you can talk to an experienced provider in periodontal services. To find out more about periodontal treatment and its benefits, call our Garden Grove, CA periodontal practice today at (714) 898-8757.