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Treating Periodontal Concerns With Laser Dentistry

garden grove laser dentistry

Periodontal disease is a wide-spread oral health issue, and one linked to discomfort and eventually, adult tooth loss. However, with the right treatments, a periodontist can manage the disease and keep your smile healthy and whole. In fact, your Garden Grove, CA dental practice actually incorporates advanced laser dentistry to offer a comfortable treatment option that addresses the disease with precision!

The Benefits of Prompt Treatment

Periodontal disease grows in severity with time, and lack of treatment could mean serious trouble for the health and stability of the smile. In the early stages, you may notice sore, red gums, bad breath, and bleeding when you brush and floss. As the issue increases in severity, the gum tissues pull away from the teeth to form deep pockets, which disease-causing bacteria can enter. As the disease progresses, you could encounter gum recession and loose teeth. Once periodontal disease reaches the periodontitis stage, you could suffer from adult tooth loss.

The LANAP System

Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) is an FDA-cleared treatment for advanced gum disease. Using this unique soft tissue laser, we can destroy harmful oral bacteria that causes disease and inflammation. The technology also promotes the regeneration of the gums, as well as new bone growth and the reattachment of gum tissues. Preventive procedures can then manage the disease moving forward, protecting the health and stability of your smile.

The procedure involves Dr. Kim placing the tip of the laser at the top of the pockets along your gum line. He removes the diseased portions and destroys the bacteria present, all while leaving the healthy tissues unharmed. The device’s sound waves then help break up deposits of tartar, so they can be removed from the periodontal pockets. A final pass sterilizes the tissue and bone, and then creates a clot to help healthy tissues reattach to the teeth.

Treatment Benefits

The use of dental lasers to treat periodontal disease offers a number of benefits for our patients. Since we don’t use scalpels and sutures, the area heals much faster and is less invasive. There is less bleeding afterward, no swelling, and a significantly reduced risk of infection. The procedure is comfortable, and in many cases, people need no anesthesia at all. For some, returning to their normal activities is possible after only a day. If you have any questions about the LANAP system, then contact our team today.

Reach Out To Our Garden Grove, CA Dental Office To Discuss Laser Dentistry

With advanced technology, we can offer a precise and comfortable treatment option, restoring your smile’s health and stability. To learn how our team offers care for advanced cases of periodontal disease, call our Garden Grove, CA dental office at (714) 898-8757.